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Breaking the Mold: See the Winning Floors of the 2020 WFB Design Awards

Source: Woodfloor Business

When asked about creating his winning growth-ring-inspired wood floor, pro Jakko Woudenberg remarked that, in a sense, he and his team had to “invent the wheel.” They weren’t the only ones to break from tradition this year: each of the 2020 WFB Design Award winners embarked on something rarely, if ever, done before in a hardwood floor. Whether it was creating a tree’s growth rings, a porcelain-tile-look on a basketball court, oak fireworks bursts, or a “Hiperdrive” pattern with 85,000 wood strips, the pros recognized in this year’s WFB Design Awards combined expertise with intuition to craft the “wheels” for their original and inspiring floor designs. Verder lezen